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Red Party is a charity organisation led by medical students at the University of Western Australia that raises money and awareness for HIV/AIDS. Our vision is to raise the general awareness of HIV/AIDS in the student population in Perth and to fundraise for a region highly affected by the disease. The concept of the Red Party is simple: a great party with a 'red' theme, recognising the international colour of AIDS. The general aim is to create a positive event that includes as many people as possible and sets itself apart from the ordinary university events.

Since 2007 Red Party WA have raised over $200,000 for Oxfam Australia. The party attracts more than 2,500 students every year to a series of events, each designed to appeal to a large target audience and to inform and expand knowledge of HIV/AIDS and the impact on the lives of those who live with it.

Our “Red Aware” events are aimed at educating university students about the issues surrounding the disease. Each year we run two or three events including film nights, quiz nights and speakers and panelist nights. We encourage as many people as possible to attend and aim to make the events interactive and informative.

We hold a week-long “Paint the Town Red” campaign to raise awareness about our cause and promote our final event. The week entails many publicity stunts including inviting local radio and live bands to campus. In recent years we have literally painted the town red by lighting up local buildings for a week in red. The campaign culminates in a “Red Party”, generally attracting around 1,500 students who celebrate the end of the campaign dressed to a red theme.

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