If you were one of those people who said something along the lines of “I really want to help people” in your med interview – this is the chance for you to live up to that!

LookOut is the local charity arm of WAMSS and each year we choose to support a few small charities based in Western Australia. Our two main events of the year are ‘Scrubber Day’ and ‘Bedpush’.

Scrubber Day originated as a day where med students would dress up crazy and scrub cars for money– hence the name! But we soon realized that we’re not Christina Aguilera and that med students should probably stick to scalpels rather than sponges if we want to make a living! Today, Scrubber Day usually involves a nice and early wake up and the chance to dress up in crazy costumes and harass innocent passers-
by for spare change – all in the name of charity!

Bedpush is a great event! As the name suggests, we push a hospital bed (usually with a small, cute, excited and money-winning child upon it) through the streets of Perth dressed up in our PJs. This event always gets heaps of great publicity so if you are looking for your 15 mins of fame that’s yet another reason why you should come and check it out.

So if you really do want to help people or if you just are looking for another opportunity to dress up in crazy costumes in public and not feel weird about it – make sure you come down to LookOut events in 2012!

- Sophie & Jen
WAMSS LookOut reps 2014