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Welcome from your 2013 Interhealth Co-Chairs, Kat and Laura!  Interhealth is the WAMSS’ Global Health Group.  One of 20 groups to be part of the national AMSA Global Health Committee, our vision is for sustainable, universal and equitable health.  Interhealth plays an important role in fostering globally-minded medical students, by giving them opportunities to explore and become involved in issues and campaigns that interest them.  We also help increase the exposure of global health issues amongst the general WAMSS population, as well as the wider community.

Interhealth runs a number of projects every year: including the highly successful annual Red Party, which year after year packs out Paramount Nightclub,to raise money for the Oxfam South Africa Food Security Project (over $140,000 in 5 years) and has spread to 16 other universities around Australia and the world.  In addition, we run Teddy Bear Hospital, a project which helps alleviate the anxiety many young children feel towards doctos and also helps pre-clinical students to develop their skills with children.  We also run Birthing Kit Workshops, events for our LINCS and Code Green projects, as well as the annual Global Health Short Course.  These projects help deliver much-needed medical supplies to the developing world, boost the Global Health education of the UWA community and seek advocacy opportunities to improve health outcomes.

Interhealth constantly strives to improve and innovate.  Amongst the projects listed above, we are expanding a number in 2013, and also developing a new Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health project:  Crossing Borders for Health.  Keep in touch!