Code Green

Are you a medical student who cares about the environment?

Do you recognise the impact of climate change on the health of people around the world?

Do you want to see WAMSS and UWA become more environmentally conscious and move towards cleaner and sustainable practices?

Code Green is a WAMSS and Interhealth initiative with three key goals:

1)    EDUCATING medical students about the effects of climate change on health and what they can do to help

2)    GOING GREEN and reducing the pollution of WAMSS and the health sector at large

3)    EMPOWERING medical students to stand up and be a voice on climate change and advocate for action

The Code Green Campaign was born out of an AMSA Think Tank in partnership with Doctors for the Environment Australia and followed WAMSS’ Policy Statement on Climate Change and Health 2010 that states

“WAMSS calls for what science and justice demands of the global community – a reduction of carbon emissions to levels which ensure the survival of our planet’s ecosystem and the protection of human health.”

Code Green aims to provide a platform upon which medical students and doctors can educate, engage and inspire colleagues and the wider community to act now to prevent the worst health consequences of climate change.

How can you get involved?

Code Green runs a number of fun and friendly events and initiatives throughout the year; they are a great place to meet like-minded individuals, become educated on the issue of climate change and find out how you can make a real difference.

The efforts of Code Green could not be achieved without the guidance of the Code Green Co-ordinators (WAMSS’ very own Captain Planets) and tireless efforts of the Code Green Subcommittee (The Planeteers). Subcommittee applications are held at the beginning of each year, so apply if you would like to help WAMSS and Interhealth mitigate the effects of Climate Change.

For more information feel free to email:

[email protected]

Code Green Resources

WAMSS Social Events Emissions Reduction Policy Document (view/download)

AMSA 2012 Green Guidelines