The Western Australian Medical Student Society has a large social justice portfolio, of which we are very proud. Hundreds of medical students volunteer time to each of these causes. You can read more about each one below.


Interhealth is the Global Health Group for WAMSS, Interhealth seeks to educate, inspire and empower students towards practical solutions to these inequalities. Our projects deal with issues such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, international development, education and Indigenous Health. It advocates through WAMSS and AMSA on issues of global health significance. You can learn more about their advocacy work through the Interhealth website, located here.
Interhealth runs numerous programs to achieve these goals.

  • Red Party - Based on a similar idea from the UK, Red Party seeks to through a great party with a red theme, the internationally recognised colour of AIDS. Proceeds of the party go to Oxfam Australia’s Integrated HIV and AIDS Program. Alongside the party, Red Aware aims to educate about the disease and its implications.
  • Teddy Bear Hospital - The program links medical students with young primary school students in order to reduce young children’s anxiety toward doctors, promote healthy lifestyle messages, enhance medical students’ communication and understanding of young children. You can learn more here.
  • Global Health Short Course -
  • Lookout -
  • Zonta Birthing Kits -
  • Local and International Needs Contribution Scheme (LINCS) -
  • Crossing Borders for Health -
  • Code Green - a WAMSS and Interhealth initiative with three key goals: Educate medical students on climate changes effect on health, how to 'go green' and empower them to be voice and advocate on climate change.
  • Institute of Indian Mother and Child -
  • International Child Health Review Collaboration (ICHRC) -

Students Passionate About Mental Health

SPAMH is dedicated to raising awareness about the link between mental health, general health and wellbeing. SPAMH aims to reduce public stigma against mental illness and psychiatry and promote a positive perception of mental health within UWA, the medical community and the wider community. SMAPH also aims to equip medical students with the knowledge and skills to be effective advocates for mental health patients and professionals.

Students in Health and Medical Research Conference

An evening research symposium showcasing research from students of the University of Western Australia Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. The symposium gives student researchers the opportunity to share their research with clinicians, researchers, fellow students and the WA health community.

AMSA ThinkTank

ThinkTanks provides a forum for medical students to engage with pertinent issues affecting medical students and health at a local, national and global level. They provide provide direct two way communication between AMSA, WAMSS and medical students of UWA allowing AMSA to best represent its members. By engaging with students, AMSA ThinkTanks aim to equip medical students with the knowledge and skills required to affect change.