Become A WAMSS Financial Member

WAMSS Financial Membership for 2017

To see the benefits of becoming a WAMSS Financial Membership please see the Join WAMSS page and the WAMSS reWards page. In short, it gives you:

  • Right to apply for executive roles on the WAMSS committee and subcommittees.
  • Discounted entry into WAMSS Events
  • Discounts from AMA on textbooks and medical equipment
  • Discounts at a number of WAMSS partners - See WAMSS reWards for more details

WAMSS Financial Memberships are available to all students currently enrolled in the MD or MBBS courses at the University of Western Australia.

Unsure if you're already a member?

If you're not sure if you're already a member, you can check by logging in first. Use your student email to log in, and then check the line below your name in the top right corner of the page. See below for what it will look like. If it says "Free Membership", you will need to buy a Financial Membership to be eligible for WAMSS Member Discounts.




WAMSS offers multiple-year memberships, with a bigger discount the longer you sign up for. 2 and 3 year memberships available only through the website.

Type:Expiry:Price:Price Including PayPal Fees:
1 Year Membership01/01/201810.0010.57
2 Year Membership01/01/201918.0018.79
3 Year Membership01/01/202025.0025.97
4 Year Membership01/01/202130.0031.11


Simply click the PayPal button corresponding to the number of years you wish to buy. Complete the payment by filling in your details or logging into your PayPal account. You will then be redirected back to the WAMSS website.

Follow the guidance on the next page register by clicking on the button. Fill in your details and click on the submit button.

If creating an account for the first time, please use your UWA student email address.

If you see a "Page Expired: Duplicate Return Data" warning message. Ignore it, click the button to return to the WAMSS website.

You can log into your account by clicking on the link at the top right corner or at the bottom middle part of the website.

Note: If you already have an account registered, please log in BEFORE you pay for your membership.

If you experience any problems, please email Ben at [email protected]