About Us

The Western Australian Medical Students' Society (WAMSS) is the peak representative body of all medical students at the University of Western Australia.

WAMSS represents students in university-based committees on the medical curriculum and student affairs. It also represents students to wider stakeholders such as the Australian Medical Students' Association, the Australian Medical Association (WA) (AMA(WA)), and the postgraduate Medical Association of WA.

WAMSS has regular formal and informal meetings between faculty members of all disciplines, as well as the Dean of the Medical School. We have  representatives of all year levels to complement formal student representation  on school committees, and allow for more in-depth exploration of student concerns and ideas. We also provide support for students based off campus and in rural and remote sites including the Rural Clinical School.

WAMSS also contributes significantly to the wider student experience. WAMSS is responsible for some of the biggest student events on the UWA campus. Allied Health, the charity phenomenon Red Party, the Annual Gala Medical Ball as well as an extensive range of graduation events are all organised by members of the WAMSS committee.

Additionally, WAMSS has a range of subcommittees and interest groups catering to the needs of students interested in getting more involved in a particular area of medicine or health. WAMSS Mental Health, global health group Interhealth and Students in Medical and health Research Conference (SHMRC) are just some of the examples of WAMSS supporting student interests beyond the curriculum.

WAMSS is an official organisation that is registered with the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection and as such, WAMSS abides by a Constitution and a set of Register of Resolutions. These documents include definitions on our committee structure, our award process,and the responsibilities of members. Please feel free to request these documents via the Secretary, so that you can understand WAMSS better.

So, when it comes to sports, social, educational, global health, social justice and wellbeing, WAMSS has it covered.

All contributions, suggestions and participation with WAMSS is welcome from the student body - we work for you!

If you're looking to get action on a particular issue, start a new event, our just get involved for the benefit of your student community - we are always interested. Please contact us at [email protected]

History of WAMSS

WAMSS began as the UWA Medical Students' Society in 1946 before it became WAMSS in 1957. It was formed when students realised a need for representation for those  in medicine who began their studies in Perth and then travelled to Adelaide to complete the degree. So, WAMSS actually predates the Faculty of Medicine!

In early years, Presidents used to be members of the Faculty, but clearly some things have changed with WAMSS now a wholly independent association separate from the Faculty. Some of our events have been occurring for a long time, for example the Annual Medical Dinner.

The shields of past Executives, award winners and Presidents are displayed in the FJ Clark Theatre Complex on the QEII Campus.

Over time, WAMSS has grown into a large and vibrant organisation but at its core there remains the values of representation and inclusion of all medical students in the pursuit of a truly unique medical student experience.

The current WAMSS Patron is Professor Constantine "Con" Michael.

If you have more information or would like to contribute to WAMSS' History archives, please email [email protected]

History of WAMSS' Awards

The Terry Ivan Quickenden Award for WAMSS Person of the Year

For over thirty years, Terry Ivan Quickenden, or “Quickie” as his pupils affectionately knew him, was a stalwart of education for medical students. Throughout the years, he not only excelled in the teaching of Medical Chemistry, but his dramatic feats as a star of Med Dinner videos, was second to none. Quickie sadly passed away in 2005.

This award is presented annually in memory of the dedication and hard work that Quickie showed to his students and recognises the current student that has displayed the most outstanding contribution to WAMSS over the past year, above and beyond their role.

The Joel Carson Memorial Award for Service to WAMSS

During Joel Carson’s time studying medicine at UWA, he contributed immensely to all medical students. He was a larger than life character and his generosity and humour combined with his drive and determination made a great positive impact on his peers.

In addition to holding many committee and subcommittee positions, he also served as President of WAMSS, leading the society through a time of great transition. More importantly, he was a beloved and respected friend of both junior and senior colleagues alike.

Tragically, Joel passed away in December 2003 following the conclusion of his Presidency and his fifth year of studies. May his memory serve as an example of a life lived in the service of others, and may his sad death be a reminder for all to seek help in times of need.

This award is presented annually in memory of Joel to recognise those sixth years that have given outstanding service to their fellow students by their contributions to WAMSS throughout their degree.